Ivan representant d'Espanya

The regularity has been, once again, that has tipped the balance in favor of Ivan Pascual in the national team of the World Chocolate Masters that ended yesterday, in the Gastronomic Forum of Girona. The verdict of the jury, chaired by Daniel Alvarezno, has only made this aspect of his task clear, but also the assurance that he has shown during his participation.

The successful performance of the theme of this edition, Futropolis, has also been rewarded with the achievement of other awards that recognize its aesthetics of the proposal, such as the slice of chocolate and the Vilbo aesthetic Award given by the editors of Dulcypas.

He completed the podium with second place for Sergio Ortiz and third place by Carmen Rueda. Another participant, Andres Moreno, has won the best Snack award, while Abraham Balaguer has won the best "fresh flavors" cake and the EspaiSucre Special Award.

The Spanish tie has been extended over two long days (19-20 November) in one of the tents of the Gastronomic Forum of Girona. It has been a somewhat uneven edition since three of the eight candidates broke their chocolate art piece.

As a Spanish representative, Pascual also wins his step to participate in the International Grand Final that will take place in Paris, in October 2018. This event brings together candidates from 21 countries who, for three days, will have to give their best in the performance of the theme of the competition, Futropolis.

During the competition, the candidates will introduce an artistic piece of chocolate called "The Futropolitan", a pastry hybrid that reflects "Fresh flavors of Futropolis" and "Chocolate snack". In each of the categories, the contestants had integrated theme on form, design, presentation and an interesting selection of ingredients.

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